Saturday, September 5, 2009


Escape. That's the word again. One of the most interesting words I know. Why? You will say because I don't know many words. I would say it aswell. But it's still interesting. It englobes two worlds and a movement. Escape: to where? from where? And then why? It's not just leaving. It's escaping. Secretly? In silence? Is there any possibility to go back? Possibility yes, of course, always. But any chance in practical subjective reality? We never know...

Summer 2009
Athienou, Cyprus

New world.

Niagara falls, and falls and falls. But never runs out. Never? Never! Never...??

August 2009
Niagara Falls, Canada

Double. And triple. And more. Never the same.

Same. How can it be the same? We change. Everything changes.

Summer 2009
Nicosia, Cyprus

Light. Summer.

Nicosia and Paphos (Cyprus)
Summer 2009
What is it that makes summer vacations such a great period of the year? Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll is a good answer. But friends, sea, palm trees and a house next to the sea sound great aswell!

No one says though that you can't have both options and mix them as we like...!

That gives many combinations...

Have a nice winter!