Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cyprus, creating our own dead-ends

It is indeed very tragic. The worst part of our tragedy is the fact we tend to create it ourselves. On our own. We don't need destiny or third parties. Third factors finalise the tragedy, but we are the ones credited for creating the fertile ground for it. They say that when it rains, it pours. However, in our case, we are the ones holding the rain-bucket and pouring the rain on our country, causing all the 'floods'...

The main relatively recent tragedies were obviously the inter-communal violence in the 60's, and then the coup d'Etat in '74, followed by the Turkish intervention/invasion. Then, more recently, the Helios plane crash a few years ago due to pure negligence. And now the self-immolation we wisely decided to let happen on 11.07.11. Our brains during summers are obviously dysfunctional or a-functional. If we still didn't manage to adapt or get used to the heat of our own country, then we are of significant importance in terms of theories of evolution.

We managed to destroy our key power plant. This results to a continuous obstruction in the basic functioning of a State. The population has the luxury of enjoying electricity during usually all night (20:00 to 8:00) and also for some hours during the day! And this in July, the heart of the summer, the high-season for tourism. Tourists cancel their holidays. Offices (in both private and public sectors) do not have electricity on a permanent basis thus the whole work schedule is every day messed up. The timetable of electricity interruptions is not consistent. Electricity cuts out unexpectedly. It is a chaotic situation. Nowadays, internet needs more than a landline to work; it also needs electricity. So no internet either. It will probably cost billions to recover from this major manifestation of our stupidity. The economy is already largely affected.

And apart from all these, we are being humiliated by the Turkish politicians. As Erdogan rightly stated, "don't consider Turks as your enemies ... Your enemies are within yourselves." Turkey's Prime Minister also reminded how Turkey does not recognise the State whose agreement is necessary for his country to enter the European Union. He also said that Turkey would not accept talks with the EU during the Cyprus EU presidency in 2012 under the term presidency of so called "Greek Cyprus." "There is no Cyprus Republic for us." The pressure for finding a solution as soon as possible is reiterated with Erdogan saying that a possibility of a united Cyprus will slip away if a solution is not agreed by the end of 2011.

States that take the EU presidency on the 6-month rotation basis prepare this for years before they actually exercise the presidency. We are actually trying to find a quick solution some months before the presidency, in order to manage to co-exercise this presidency with the Turkish-Cypriot community of Northern Cyprus. How can any State possibly achieve such a co-exercise of the EU presidency without firstly knowing if such a cooperation is viable and functional on the national level? How can we take such a responsibility without allowing ourselves some time beforehand to function under the radically new conditions? How can the first step of our existence (as the new State we are negotiating for) be the presidency of the mega european creature? Furthermore, a little detail that shows how unorganised we are, our Secretariat for the EU presidency is still headless: Andreas Moleskis, the Head of the Secretariat, after his resignation (he resigned after being accused for ..."questionable recruiting practices"), has still not been replaced. And our Presidency starts in less than one year.

It makes no sense whatsoever to hurry for a solution. Reconciliation and forming a State on new circumstances take time. There are many chapters that so far have not been examined by the leaders of the two communities. We are still basically negotiating on the governance chapter. How can we possibly find a coherent solution and create a whole new Constitution that would be fair, balanced and viable, in a few months time? The situation is way too complicated for this to be possible.

Making twice the same mistake is anything but wise. Making the same serious mistake three times or more goes beyond any level of human stupidity known to science. Doing the same wrong thing over and over again and expecting different results, is actually a definition of stupidity. Therefore, let's try to be responsible for once, and take it step by step. We should not hurry for a solution just because of Turkey's pressure. We are supposed to negotiate with the Turkish-Cypriot community and not Turkey. We need a viable solution for the two communities and not a solution that satisfies the interests of Turkey, Greece, the UK or any other country. Let's use as less stupidity as we can and try to put some solid fundaments for a new solution. A balanced and fair solution is the best for both Cyprus as a whole and the EU. A hurry for a solution and a co-presidency of the EU will do no good no either.



Michael S said...

Unfortunately, all people who think like you and agree with you do not live in Cyprus anymore!
Others will not return to Cyprus or will leave Cyprus in order to find a better place to live; and by better i mean a more economically stable and a place which can offer them a real occupation with great benefits because they worth it and not because they ''know someone who knows someone who works there!''
Also, I really think we should skip the EU presidency thingy cos obviously we are not ready - nor we will ever be!
And as for the last part of your post, I totally agree that Turkey should not be involved (but who am I to say that?) and a logical solution (avoiding all the stupid actions of the past) would not come whether the president change or not (as most Cypriots are now claiming - and NO I'm not a supporter of Cyprus Communist Party). It will come when a new generation (our generation) will decide to get actively involved with politics and all those who 'lived' during the Turkish invasion will hopefully realise that they can only see what happened in the past! I'm not saying the young generation should forget the past, but they are bright enough to make a better future!!!

PS. I always enjoy ur posts!

LnJos said...

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your comment. I want to believe that younger people with fresh ideas (although older people with fresh ideas are not excluded!) who go beyond the classic lines drawn by the political parties years and years ago, will soon make their voice audible! I want to believe that not all of us have left Cyprus.

And even if a big part of the Cypriot youth is abroad, difference can still be made. Awareness is the fist step, and action the second. If we are aware, we can take action. And that action could be to promote awareness.