Thursday, July 29, 2010


Salt plains. Desert. White. Infinite. A non ignorant driver is required. "Hotel de sal" every some kilometers. An ostrich. A pig. Cactus.

Wake up at 4.30am. Drive through desert. Arrive at the geysers. Watch the sunrise. Cold. Blanket. Sun. Boiling earth. Earth. Then in the jeep again. Music: 5 songs (Viva Cochabamba, Lambada, Bolivia and 2 more).

Arrive at the "eaux thermales" source, natural mineral spa. Breakfast. Freezing cold. Warmth. Decision to take off clothes and get in water: difficult (cold...)! Did it. Relaxing. Feels like a heaven in a heaven. Almost silence. Almost because you can still hear the water and some birds. You can feel the water coming out of the ground. Bolivia. Earth.


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