Thursday, July 29, 2010

THIS IS PARADISE but/and Mr. V. is dead.

Back to Toronto. New start. Cameron House on Queen Street West. "This is Paradise" it says. It is someone's paradise. Mine when I am there. Could be yours as well. Music: violin, harp, guitar, flute, accordeon, piano, SAW, trombone, drums, banjo. And Kevin Quain with the Mad Bastards. Sunday. Perfect new start. Promising semester.

Post hoc: New amazing start but somehow going back and then forward again. Weird stuff happen when other people get involved; and when YOU get involved.Weird; very weird. Pushes you forward, then feels like it holds you back, then you leave it and go forward again. Regret? No regrets. Everything is part of it.

And then I guess Mister Valentine is dead.


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