Thursday, July 29, 2010

New, different and same.

First life experience in my traveling history. Bolivia. New world for me. Such a different way of living. La Paz: street, colours, "indigenes", loud, food, colectivo, honking, real, busy, children, dos bolivianos, trufi, Angelo Colonial . Poverty -as part of life- is life. That's how it is. Travel with a local, mi amiga paseƱa Lucia. Villages such as San Juan de Rosario: llamas, children barefoot, almacen, dogs, no asphalt, one car, one motorcicle, chicken.

The "appearance" of people's lives differs from "ours". BUT people are the same. PERSONS. Simpleness. Mothers, children, husbands, bus drivers, homeless people. Nice people. Saudade in the eyes. Close your eyes and see the magic.


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